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Derrick Kirkman

Website Builder/ Designer/ Programmer.

Musician/ Songwriter. Accidental Journalist.

I'm Derrick Kirkman and this is my personal website. It has a few examples of my work, some coding I like, and information about my music.


I build websites and write computer code. Whenever it makes sense, I prefer responsive design; the type that adapts to the device it's viewed on. My designs tend toward minimalism but I have been known to get downright baroque when the page called for it.

As for coding languages, I know the usual suspects: Java, PHP, Javascript, etc. But I'm usually playing around with a new one so ask your waiter for today's special. My databases tend toward MySQL.

I also manage office networks for a few clients. I don't feel qualified to brag about it much. But yes, I can keep the sucker running. Usually. : )


I write a few songs. I play a few shows, usually benefits, every year. I have friends who threaten to drag me out of the house to play more, so we'll see. Maybe I'll perform more this year.

I also volunteer at a few music festivals every year. I've long been associated with Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, but have also helped out with Piedmont Landjam, the Triad Highland Games, and the Deep River Festival, among others.


It has been and continues to be an interesting ride. I've done a lot of things, from process engineering to planning to programming.

This site exists mostly to hold the odds and ends that aren't included on my professional site. It covers things that I find interesting. Hopefully some of them will be of interest to you too.

8392 Hwy 22 N.
Climax, NC
contact at derrickkirkman dot com